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Recently I went to a wedding.  Here is an updated pic.  I'm on the left in the black and white dress and my sister and her daughter stand along side me.

This was the old me just a few years ago... I'm happier now than I ever was then.  :) 

I'm working on the other factors that can make me happier ;)


/ \ Hello, is it me your looking for?

Nov. 29th, 2009

Love is like wildflowers...it is often found in the most unlikely places.


Thanks to those who posted on their Lj birthday wishes to me today.   You guys rock!

A day in the life...

Woke up
Popped Pills
Started to get ready to try to goto Church
Heart rate too high to finish
Exhausted and in need of a nap. 
It's only 9:59 am... Looks like another day in bed. 

Hope you guys have a much better day than I.


Woot-off on woot.com

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kosmo! 


Details Released in Obama Visit to Portsmouth

PORTSMOUTH, OHIO---- Posted October 6, 2008 

plans to make his first campaign visit to southern Ohio this Thursday

October 9, 08.

Obama will hold a rally on jobs in Portsmouth.

It will take place at Alumni Green at Shawnee State University beginning at 7:30 Thursday night.

The gates will open at 5:30pm.

Tickets are not required for this event.


It is free and open to anybody to attend.

My pouch will eat you for dinner!

My pouch isn't too happy today.  It's grouchy actually.  It doesn't seem to like milk products.  which sucks when protein shakes are better with milk rather than water.  Meh!  it also doesn't like to be dry and let me know this morning when I woke up.